Friday, June 10, 2011

Welcome Speech

This was the first welcome speech delivered by me in my life with shivering knees. So, if there's any fault please do forgive me because this was my first stone to step and there are many more come. . . .

Welcome Speech delivered during the Praveshanotsav.

Honorable Chief Guest of the day, Mr. K. F. George, assistant editor of Malayala Manorama, Calicut, respected Principal Fr. John Mannarathara, dignitaries on the dais, beloved teachers, parents and my dear friends, a very warm good morning to one and all.

I feel really honored to stand before you to welcome all of you to this auspicious function of the reopening day ceremony.

Today we are really lucky to have a noted person from the mass media as our Chief Guest.

It is needless to say anything about the importance of today. The glittering faces tell that they are all ready. They are all extremely happy to be a part of another academic year.

The duty bestowed upon me is to welcome all of you to this function. First let me take this opportunity to welcome our chief guest of the day Mr. K. F. George, who is working at present as the assistant editor of Malayala Manorama, Calicut. To his credit he has about 30 years of valuable services in this field. He is not only a press person but also has made his mark in the field of social work too. I am really happy to note that he is also a good singer and has written two books namely: A Travelogue - Journey To Holy Land and a book about Landmark Of Calicut.

I have a great pleasure to welcome such a noted personality from the mass media as our chief guest. So on behalf of all gathered here, let me extend a warm welcome to you, sir. I also take this opportunity to welcome our new Manager Fr. Joseph Paikada CMI to this function. I also welcome Fr. Johnny Kochuthayathu CMI who is our new Vice Principal for the Higher Secondary section. Next, I welcome our respected Principal Fr. John Mannarathara CMI also to this function. Last but not the least, I welcome all my teachers, parents and my dear friends to this function.


Anjana Soman said...

spill the beans Sabith! Where did u flick this from?? ANd i mean who wrote it for you huh??? :D
Kidding re :) I wasn't there, but I hope you did a real good job yeah

hadi said...

it is good.
from indonesian

suga priya said...

it is good

Vimala Darshani said...

Good speech.

Sabahat said...