Friday, March 27, 2015

Theatre and the World

By Remus Joseph Noronha, Class XII

World Theatre Day, 27 March 2015

Theatre is an art form that combines the best of all other art forms. It has the beauty of music, the rhythm of dance, the wonder of literature and the aesthetics of art.

Theatre is a powerful tool of expression. It is a weapon of propaganda and a voice for the oppressed. According to the Indian tradition, the Vedas were too sacred to be accessed by the general populace. So, the gods created the Natyaveda, the combination of all Vedas which was for all. Many consider theatre to be the greatest of art forms because it does not discriminate among the classes.

Perhaps the true success of theatre is that it lives on in the mind of the audience. The time of the play may be but a blink in eternity but no man who has been a part of theatre will ever be the same. 

Theatre is the truest expression of the art of life. Irrespective of the theme or story, a good theatre production has the power to touch everyone from the richest to the poorest in the heart of hearts. 

Thoughts on Theatre

By Amreen Moiden, Class XII

As we celebrate World Theatre Day today, I would like to pen down my thoughts on theatre. It has helped me change as an as a dreamer, an artist, an individual, and ultimately as a human being. 

As an ardent admirer of art and as a student of theatre studies, I can say, with complete assurance, that theatre is a creative therapy for the teen-age mind. Theatre boots one's social skills and develops one's attitude towards the society and the environment. Theatre is a matter of much social relevance that the impact it can have on society is of very great proportion.  Theatre does not address the character of the performance; it addresses the world. It addresses humanity and the wonders of the mind. A theatre personality will be capable of understanding human nature better and will be an advocate of the right kind of mindset. 

As with every other art form, theatre has its fair share of challenges. It requires proper grooming and a clear vision of the world. It shouldn't be propagandist but must be free of any sort of corrupt influence. Theatre is a flexible art form which why it still grabs the attention of the people. 

Action speaks louder than words. Maybe that's why theatre still thrives and will continue to do so as this imperfect world continues to evolve.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ms. Sunitha's speech during the Class X 'Social'

Speech to class X students during the ‘Social’
10 February 2015

Respected principal, Father John Mannarthara CMI, vice principal, Father Johnny Mathew CMI, teachers and all my dear students.
Ten long years have passed. I was there with you all, for almost five years teaching a variety of subjects. In these years we have learnt, we have grown, we have battled and rejoiced together.
My students were angels provided by God to me.  Your presence and company gave me immense joy and happiness. It is through you my dear children that we have learnt so much.  It is through you we have experienced the joy of school life by being a part of innocent pranks, chatter, laughter, tears and tantrums and mischief. The simple and frank expressions of love revealed in little things that you gifted are gestures to cherish.
The long years spent with you, children I must admit was tough to deal with. At times I might have been a little harsh with you but trust me it was not to hurt you .My aim was to refine you and to fit you into the larger society where you turn out to be great leaders. Today when you stand at the threshold of the institution do not look back at what you have not done but look forward to what you can do in the future, and take with you the fine moments you have cherished here.
Really I can tell you with great pride that school days are the wonderful days in one’s life and more so studying in an institution of repute, Yes, Devagiri CMI Public School. Be proud to be a Devagrian.  Let us thank the Creator for what you are today.  If you hold up your head high with a smile on your face and are truly thankful, you are blessed. It is all because of  our  Principal Father John Mannarthara who has taken care of all your needs, let it be in academics ,sports, arts music, dance and the list is endless …. You have come out with flying colours.
My dear children, life is a challenge.  Be passionate about your dreams. Never give up. Look ahead and work hard. Let your words bring happiness to others and your actions bring hope. Be good to people and behave well. Disperse seeds of love and happiness, to bloom and bear fruits and to gather hearts. Do come back share with us the stories of your success. In your success lies our happiness.
Foot prints on sand eventually fade away but those made on the sands of time are etched deeply in one’s memories and in the memories of those near and dear; they create biographies of each individual.
My dear children wish you all a bright future ahead.

Thank You.                                             

Ms. Sunitha P.M

Saturday, January 24, 2015


 Dear students of class IX,

OTBA is a great opportunity. You do not have to learn by rot what is there in the text. You take the key message from the text and mix it with your creativity in thinking and writing.  It is open text book, yes.  But when the OTBA text is open in front of you in the exam hall, your mind is also open!  Open text and open mind, wow!  The text is there to open your mind. When the mind is open, the text becomes a context!  That is what OTBA is all about.

What are the contexts?  They are real achievements and challenges in our society.  Achievements like our Mars mission; challenges like lack of cleanliness.  We need to take inspiration from the achievement.  We can also convert the challenges into wonderful opportunities.  OTBA is a friend for all that.  Take care of OTBA, it is your friend. It is not the usual text that leaves you alone in the exam hall.  OTB is your exam hall friend.  If you copy paste the OTB friend in your exam sheet,  s/he gets annoyed. S/he does not like cut and paste.  Give the friend a fresh touch, a creative touch.  Now how do you give your OTBA friend a touch in the exam sheet?  It can be most probably a formal letter to some authorities, a short essay etc.  (for example, the questions given in the OTBA texts)  However, the OTBA questions can also be a letter to the editor of a newspaper, reporting something in a newspaper and things like that. Or it can be about starting an SMS campaign or a facebook campaign or a twitter campaign, an e-poster campaign even.  

In your English class, you have by now learnt how to make a formal letter, how to write a short essay, how to draft a notice etc. Use the format that you have learnt. Additionally, get familiar with the format of a poster which is discussed in the OTBA class and the structure of letter to editor which is there in all newspapers.

There are 2 questions. One on Mars mission. The second, on cleanliness. There will be choice for both.  Each question carries 5 marks. That means 10 marks total. It is easy to score, if you grasp the topic and write in your own language, using key vocabulary and points. You can use the following additional material. The material can be ‘recycled’ into the format of letter, notice, poster, and essay. That is what OTBA sessions are all about.

It is obvious that a handful of OTBA sessions are not sufficient to cover the two topics. Therefore, if you need any additional help, you can approach me any time in person.  With your parents’ permission, you can  get in touch with me at I will reply with the attachment on OTBA. You can even use my number 9446469730, if you have some doubt while you prepare.

Please spend some time with OTBA. S/he is your friend, after all!  Spending time with a friend is rewarding.  It is more than just 10 marks.  It is going to be a part of your ‘hallmark’ in future.  Finally, your mind is the real text book.  OTBA is the key that opens your mind.  Who knows the value of what is stored there in your mind!  Open the store of your mind.  It could be even more precious than the fabulous wealth in the vault of Padmanabha Swami Temple.  Open it, use it.  There is no point in just locking wealth in the vault of your mind.  Unlock it, celebrate it!!

Awaiting, a share of your wealth !!!

M. Gopinath
OTBA Facilitator
Devagiri CMI Public School