Friday, November 28, 2014

My Worthy Little Friend

 by Nanda Nair of Class VII A

Oh! My worthy little friend,
Where, where have you gone 
leaving me in the dark tunnel alone?
We did fight, showed our might,
We did cry and friends again!
But never, Oh! never I saw you again!

Oh! My worthy little friend,
Aren't you missing me yet?
Once you came to my mind,
and returned me a fresh little kind!
Your love, your hope, your smile
Never will be erased!

Oh! My worthy little friend,
Didn't you ever gone searching for me?
I did, I did search for you,
All through the city -
And tried even calling you!

Oh! My worthy little friend!
My love is within you!
When, oh, when will you return -
And join our mighty friendship?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Letter to our dear Ms. Milly

           Ms. Milly D' Souza is the Headmistress of Devagiri CMI Public School. She is a well-loved teacher who does wonders in her classes. She does not only teach children how to sing or recite poems. She also teaches them to be generous givers. Through the social service efforts of Ms. Milly, children have been able to raise funds for the victims of natural calamities. Just recently, children raised more than 1 lakh for the flood victims of Kashmir. 
           Ms. Milly is well- appreciated by all the students not only for her teaching abilities but most of all for her motherly care.
          To prove this, we were able to get hold of a letter written for Ms. Milly from her former students. Here it is:

Dear Ms. Milly
          Good teachers are a rare breed. They are knowledgeable, patient, enthusiastic and kind. They manage all this in the face of students who often do not want to be taught. It is by no means an easy task to mould a bunch of children into respectable, compassionate and knowledgeable adults.  You have done an exceptional job expecting nothing in return from us.
          It's the least we can do to say "Thank you, dear Ms. Milly!" once in a while. All the support you gave us helped us get to where we are today and we could have never done this nor reached this far, without the wisdom, courage and confidence you have instilled in us whilst at school.
        You made us better persons, thank you for your patience! You showed us the way and were always there looking over our shoulders, guiding us, holding our hands and at times pushing us to go the extra mile.
         We would thank you from the bottom of our heart, but for you, our hearts have no bottom. You will always be in our prayers for your good health and well-being....

The students of the batch 1988
St. Joseph's Anglo Indian Girls' High School
03 August 2014

Saturday, June 7, 2014

2 June Praveshanotsav - Welcome Speech

Good morning to all!

Today, as we stand at the threshold of a new academic year, its time to take stock of the year gone by. Last year was picture perfect. We got extremely good results in 10th and 12th standards, we had a wonderful Sargam, and many other celebrations as well. Each one of us have, in one way or the other, contributed to making last year the best. But it doesn't mean that our duties end there. Each year we are faced with new challenges, new examinations, everything is new. Its true that we did our best last year. But that cannot be the end of hard work and duties. This time, with new challenges ahead, we should bring out the better of the best. Each and everyone of us sitting here are an year older than the last. So now the challenge we face is the one from within, the challenge of personal growth. Life itself is an examination, but in between there are tests to see how closer we are to success. Therefore this time the challenge is not from outside. We have already proved to the outside world what we are, but we haven't faced the challenge that lies within us. The challenge is to look into us, to introspect, and find out who we are really on the inside than the outside. Once we know who we are on the inside, we will be able to find out the minute flaws in the picture perfectness of last year which are visible only to the ones who made it. And then, me, you and all of us, would work to rectify those mistakes and produce a masterpiece with lesser flaws than last year. 

The time for renewal has come. Though it has been some time since 2014 started, new year for us, teachers and students, has just arrived. We can open a new page of our diary and jot down new resolutions, hopes and goals and work towards personal excellence. On this occasion when the sun shines hazily over Devagiri CMI Public School, I  extend a cordial welcome to the captain of our ship, Fr. John, Fr. Johnny, the management, PTA members, parents, teachers, non teaching staff and my dear friends. Together with the blessing of God Almighty, lets start painting our masterpiece, our new academic year.

By: Vasundhara of Class XII

Monday, February 17, 2014

Class X Farewell

By: Vidhya Vinod Kumar

"Don't be dismayed by goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again.  And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends."
                                                                                                      -- Richard Bach

Having spent a year, or maybe more, together and having created much cherished memories, the students of Standard X hosted their Farewell on the 29th of January 2014.

The previous day, on the 28th, students invited all the teachers and staff members of the school and spent their time decorating the hall, the school auditorium, where the much awaited program was to be held. The venue was decorated with hearts, as the theme was, "Valentine's day" the day love is shared.

The students of Std X, as a little token of affection, created a tribute for the teachers, which was shown to them on the day of the program. Teachers were extremely pleased with the video that was made and having started the program on this note, the performances were underway.

Students came together and put up dances, and songs which were much appreciated. The programmes were conducted in an informal note and the students were given the chance to speak on stage about their views and how they felt about the school.

The program started off with a prayer by Ms. Milly D'Souza, Headmistress. Fr. John Mannarathara, Principal, spoke on the occasion and Fr. Johny Mathew had an opportunity to speak too.  Mr. Ravi JZ, Coordinator of the Senior Secondary, the class teachers of Std X, and Ms. Remy Alex, class teacher, spoke  and expressed their views.

The program was wound up by 5.30 pm after which refreshments were supplied to the students and teachers present.

The photo session was held afterwards where students and teachers brought wonderful smiles as they bid goodbye and parted their own separate ways.

Farewell was a day to remember, a day when the students walked their paths in the hope that they would cross again.